Rounded release button - TONI SYSTEMRounded release button, diameter 19mm, M4 screw included. For application, you have to drill the original button.Retail price:Material: AluminumCompatibility:Benelli M1-M2 - Benelli M2 SP - Benelli M3 - Benelli M4 - Benelli Supernova - Beretta Xplor - Beretta A391 Xtrema 2
Short bolt handle for Beretta A300-A301-A302-A303-A304-A390-AL391-A300 OUTLANDER ga.12 - TONI SYSTEMExternal lenght 26mmInstructions: We recommend to disassemble the bolt, insert the bolt handle in the correct position and push hard (with the help of a soft hammer). Then try to remove the bolt handle and reassemble it; repeat this operation 2/3 times in...
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